Who We Are
Bill and Esther are the authors of several books, booklets and numerous CD's. Bill's most recent book and workbook, "Prophets & Prophecy", is currently being streamed as a college level course in the US.  Bill & Esther are recognized as international prophets and dynamic teachers who travel locally, nationally and internationally preaching, doing prophetic ministry and prophetic presbytery with the laying on of hands. Their ministry includes leadership and marriage seminars, youth conferences, men's and women's conferences, prayer and worship conferences, and training in the proper use, development and activation of spiritual gifts. Bill teaches on line every Wednesday morning at 10am and this Bible study streams from his Facebook page: "William Emmons". Bill's  prophetic voice is also a part of the Apostolic Board of Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International, (www.MMFI.org) which oversees several thousand ministies globally, and is under the leadership of Apostle Rick Callahan.

Bill & Esther are the senior pastors of Life Christian Center Church in Johnstown, NY, where they have built a solid eldership team. These gifted men and women minister to the congregation whenever Bill and Esther travel during the year. Through balanced teaching, prophetic revelation and relational connections Bill & Esther have also begun the PDM Network. This network is being used to build the next generation of solid, balanced ministers who will be established and released  with a clear, prophetic edge.  As a husband and wife team they bring a powerful combination of insightful teaching, healing and truly accurate prophetic ministry. They release the love of God in a profound way that touches people personally, but also makes a regional, national and international impact.

To request info or ministry dates: PropheticDestinyMinistry@gmail.com
International phone to leave a message:  1-518-889-9137
Send us a text: 1-518-705-1939
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