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 Last night's service (in Colonie, NY) was very bold, very accurate and very anointed! Thank you!

Coleen & Jack Zaremski
Victory Christian Church
Philippines, Negros Oriental, Bias City
Your prophetic ministry and teaching at our conferance  with Apostle Callahan touched many people. I want to extend an invitation for you to
be with us all again. The pastors that meet for prayer here will be praying for your return. Thank you again. We were so blessed to have you here.
Apostle Shirley Sales
Faith Island Missions

Marriage Conference: "Marriage God's Way, Albany, NY

This conference has helped us gain a better understanding of the emotional connection between us... The exercises have been really beneficial and helpful in relating and communicating with each other. Mark & Tanya Pratt

Thank You Bill & Esther, This weekend has been so very important to my wife and I. We've been married 16 years and through the teachings and exercises we encountered this weekend, the first time we were alone, God opened a level of communication that was never there before. Thank you and may God continue blessing your ministry.

Being married 27 years I thought I had it all figured out. It wasn't until this marriage conference that I came to realize how wrong I was. I was not treating my wife like the daughter of God she is.  I was treating her like a business partner. Today something broke in our marriage for the first time. I actually prayed with my wife and shared some feelings that I never would have , had I not come to this conference. I and deeply grateful. Charlie & Gina Jibrey 

Fall Woman's Conference "Holy Intimacy On Fire"

Esther started to pray for many women when suddenly felt she needed to hold and pray for one who was the third person in line.  As she prayed, the woman began to tremble and weep. A word of knowledge came about forgiveness and letting go of something she had held onto for a long time. This set the woman free from a demonic bondage. She said, "I never felt like this before". Later she explained she had been passed in and out of foster homes as a child. She had felt unloved and abandoned all her life. This completely changed her, and the freedom she experienced was brand new to her, and she was proud to announce it to the world.
Living Hope Christian Church
Williston, VT

About a year ago you prophesied of yet another shake up coming to the leadership in Albany, NY. You said it would involve corruption with finances, inappropriate favors, funds being siphoned off and other things that God would expose. I remember that word because there was a reporter here that night who talked with you about it. I believe she was interested in what you said because she covers stories at the Capital. I really didn't give it much thought at the time since Albany had just gone through that mess with Sheldon Silver and others. If you have looked at the news papers over the last 8 months that word is actually coming to pass and nobody would have believed it. Thank you so much for the clear prophetic insight and the courage to speak the truth before it happens. Everyone here so appreciates what you and Esther bring each time you come to Victory Church.
Congregation Member
VCC Colonie, NY

Dear Esther & Bill,
.....Thank you for the encouraging words you spoke into our lives. Esther, your pamphlet (The Simplicity Of Keeping First Love Alive) has been a huge blessing to me ,reminding me of God's great love for me. You wrote it in such a way that I feel the heart of God as I read it. So many people need this message of God's unconditional love. I truly felt like I was sitting on my Daddy's lap as I read it. You captured the heart of Heaven. Thank You! ... Bill, your book "Prophets & Prophecy" answered so many questions I have always had concerning prophecy...I feel so much more aware of the privilege and the protocol that goes hand in hand with prophetic ministry. .... Thank you so much for the great encouragement.
Gingah Milnes
Newport, VT  

Women's Conference "Intimacy: God's Desire & Design"
The corporate unified prayer covering invited God's Glory which produced the following testimonies:

Breakthrough Word: before the conference began Tara Kirby entered the conference room and God spoke to her heart these letters, "HHH", and she said "What's that?", God responded "Happy, healthy and holy for you and your children". This was  a living word from God that gave her satisfaction and fulfillment even before the conference began"
Breakthrough Healing: Pastor Tamera Muller had not slept in 3 nights due to throbbing neck pain. After preaching a timely message on God intimately knowing every detail of our lives, Esther closed in prayer and then approached Pastor Tamera to discover her condition. Esther prayed and felt that another woman, Sabina, was to pray as well. The power of God came in waves of heat through Sabina, which healed her neck on the spot. God made it clear to Pastor Tamera the He cares about her every need, He knows her every thought and that nothing in her life was too big or too small for Him.
Breakthrough Deliverance: Kiki Canel had planned on going to Indonesia to visit family but God impressed on her that she needed to attend this conference. During one meal time she was set free but during ministry after the first meeting she identified that God had taken away rejection, anger abandonment and bitterness. She then knew that God loved her and she felt completely different inside for the first time in her life.
Breakthrough In Marriage: Suzanne was given a Word of Knowledge that when she left the conference there would be a dramatic change in her life. Not long afterwards her pastor told her the same word. Her marriage was going in a very bad direction but God intervened. He worked a miracle in their marriage by changing her and her husband's heart. He totally restored their failing marriage.

We consider Bill and Esther to be like spiritual parents to our church. We have known them for many years and we know they love us and the people of Quebec.  Manon and I believe God is going to use them to bring His power and His revival to Quebec and to Canada. They prophesied a word about our daughter moving back here from the north a few years ago, and that is exactly what happened not long afterwards. That word changed all our lives in many ways. We value them and always trust their ministry. We are so glad to have them with us every year because they are part of our church family.
Pastors Michel & Manon Gauvreau
Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

Bill and Esther are such a blessing when they come here and minister at Out Of The Box. We love them so much and we know they really do hear from God. Their ministry is always rich and full of God's love and power.
Pastor Pam Bolton
Out Of The Box Worship Center
Whitehall, NY

I wanted to send this message of encouragement to you. The time you invest in the presence of God is both evident and fruitful. You teach with such passion and conviction and I just sensed all of our hearts being stirred by a tangible Holy Spirit. There is a purity, excellence, and accuracy in your prophetic gift and you deliver it with the heart of a loving Father who desires the best for His spiritual children. Thank you for your obedience to hear the Lord clearly and not adding to, or taking away from, what the Lord gives you. We love you and Pastor Esther and I just know He is increasing your territory, giving you fresh Manna daily, and will open new prophetic doors for you and your wife to enjoy! What an honor it was to sit under your teaching. The men of our men's retreat absolutely loved it!
Pastor Jim Datri
Living Water Christian Family Fellowship
Ravina, NY

Prophet Bill Emmons is one of the clearest prophet voices in the nations right now. He has not only been a prophet to my family but he also is a prophetic voice into Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International as a member of our Apostolic Board. I have come to trust his ministry and the prophetic word he brings.
Apostle Rick Callahan
Orlando, Florida
Founder & President of Maranatha Ministerial Fellowship International
Founder & President of Proceeding Word Ministry International

Bill & Esther,
Your ministry with us and the MMFI Nigerian International Conference had a huge impact on the ministers of Nigeria. Many things happened after you left. many miracles that I need to tell you about. So many of the prophetic words came to pass.. it really made a change... we were so blessed to have you here and we give you an invitation and hope you will return for another MMFI annual conference. The pastors always ask for you and how you are doing, and there were many miracles that happened by your prophetic words... I will tell you about them when I see you again.
Apostle Sylvester Alanwoko
MMFI Nigerian International Director
Victory Church International
Aba, Nigeria

Tammy and I so appreciate the prophetic ministry of the Emmons' when they come to Victory Church. They are always right on target. Bill prophesied about us going to the Governor's Mansion and I actually laughed. Well, a few weeks later we were eating with Governor Pataki at the Mansion. Bill prophesied about us going on national television and next thing you know we are on Good Morning America. These guys have got the goods and they have been a major prophetic voice into this church and into what God is doing in the city of Albany. Bill was a major voice that prophesied about the revival that hit long before it happened in our church. We really trust what these guys say.
Pastor Charlie Muller
Victory Christian Church
Albany, NY 

I wanted to personally thank you for the integrity or your ministry and the accuracy of your prophetic word. I have the word right here that you spoke over us in 1998 and I can tell you that we are actually living in that word right now. You have been such a blessing to the Body of Christ and to this church in particular. I love you and I value the word you bring. It has helped this church in so many ways. Thank You Again!
Apostle Dick Ducatt
New Hope Church
Lake Placid, NY  

I was driving along in my car listening to the CD of your last meeting in our church. You were prophesying about a shakeup in the government of Albany, NY and how the political leaders would come to my husband and ask for his help and advice. That's exactly what happened ... your word was so clear and accurate ... I was just amazed at how on target all of it was... we so appreciate the integrity of your ministry...  Also I wanted to tell you how touched I was when you ministered that word to me the evening I walked into the meeting and you said you saw the glory of God all over me. That told me you were seeing so clearly in the Spirit because I had just had this amazing encounter with God and no one but the Lord and I knew what had happened. Thank you for your ministry. It's always a blessing when you guys come to our church.
Pastor Tammy Muller
Victory Christian Church
Albany, NY

Anyone who knows the people of this church also knows just how accurate the word preached and the prophetic ministry was that went on here today. Bill had no idea... the sister he ministered to about higher education and God invading her home was so on target.. we all know her husband teaches in a college .. other words he spoke just really hit the mark. Thank you so much for your ministry here today. We really have been blessed and look forward to you being with us again.
Pastor John Goyette
Green Mountain Christian Center, AOG
Bennington, VT  

"Prophets & Prophecy" Class &  Book Testimonies

One thing that caught my attention was when the book talked about parking lot prophets and prophets that try to give you words with nobody else around. It was interesting to read the examples because I have seen them happen before and even had people try to pull me to the side and give me a word without following the proper protocol . So I had to be very careful in those situations. Reading this book I also was able to instantly discern a false prophet and his false teachings. I was at a conference and they had a speaker that operated in the prophetic and was a prophet but everything that he was telling the congregation didn't add up to the Word of God and wasn't bringing healing to the people but making things worse. Reading this book and being in this class has really sharpened my discernment and I'm very aware of the spirits operating around me now.
 Terryl Richey

     The Prophetic Ministry Checklist (from the book) is a very significant key in a prophets life. This checklist helps keep the prophet grounded and it protects those being ministered to. It also helps both parties against false prophecy. The nature of a prophet, who we are and what we do is important. The author asks the question when you prophesy who are you? I really had to think hard and ponder on this, I know I should've known right off but I didn't and that scared me. I still am the same person but I'm a person being used by God to deliver a message to someone He loves, how awesome it that!    
     Knowing and speaking God's heart is essential part of a prophet's life for how can one prophesy if they don't know God's heart. The author mentioned people doing the works of God in a big way but didn't have the heart of God in what they did, he called this "spiritual prostitution" ouch! We have to be very careful to have the heart of God and not to misrepresent. In all that we do we must stay in relationship with Him the Holy One. I will continue to read and reread this book and be sure to sow it into someone's life as it is a tool that every new Prophet in the making  should have.
Michelle Neal

Understanding the prophetic bull's-eye really helped me.  I reflected back to the prophetic word I shared and began to see the increase in the level of warfare.  I don’t believe I ever really understood that receiving a genuine prophetic word painted a prophetic bull's-eye on me.  I can say without a doubt in my mind I became a target I just didn’t know that is what it was called.  The way William Emmons words things is very refreshing, straight forward yet easy to understand.  I accepted the fact like it or not I am marked and that means warfare.  Understanding warfare has to happen because of the shock wave the prophetic word released into the spirit realm was key for me.  Not only did I hear it, heaven heard it and demonic forces of hell did as well.
Zonnia Richardson