"Prophets & Prophecy" - 5 Course Options
This class has been designed with several options in mind. Bible schools, church groups and those who are simply interested in their own spiritual growth and biblical knowledge will all find something that fits their specific needs and budget.

Option 1 - Purchase the book by itself to read and study on your own.

Option 2 - Purchase the book and student workbook for personal study and growth. (no final exam)
                      Those who have already purchased the book can order the student workbook by itself.

Option 3 - Purchase the book and workbook on your own. Apply for the final exam as a non-enrolled
                      student. PDM will score your workbook and final exam. No  sencond chance exam will be
                      available for non-enrolled students.

Option 4 - Purchase the entire course from PDM. This includes the book, student workbook ,    
                      secondary scoring of your workbook by the PDM network, a final exam, scoring of your
                      final exam by the PDM network and a "Certificate Of Mastery" upon passing the final exam.
                      The ability to apply for a second chance final exam is available should it be needed.

Option 5 - Bible Schools can purchase the book and student workbook in bulk (10 or more) at a
                      discount. They also have the option to buy the final exam from PDM.

                      Please note:  Only Bible schools and affiliated groups taking this as a course can
                      purchase the final exam, final exam teacher's edition  or the student workbook teacher's
                      edition that are available through the PDM Network.

If you have any additional questons about this course, or would like to know more about any of the options or materials that are avialble, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can send a text to : 1- (518) 705 -1939 or email your questons to:   PropehticDestinyMinistry@gmail.com . We are happy to serve you in any way we can.    Prophets Bill & Esther Emmons
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